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How to Choose the Right Neighborhood in Chicago

Reflecting on Your Priorities

It's time to begin the exciting, yet overwhelming process of searching for a house. While aesthetic appeal and price of potential homes are especially important, there are several other external factors to consider. When searching for the best neighborhood in Chicago for you, it is important to reflect on your values and prioritize your needs in order to ensure your future satisfaction.

1. Affordability

It important to communicate your price range for a potential house or apartment with your real estate agent, so you can find a neighborhood in Chicago that aligns with your financial needs as well as your other values.

2. Schools

If you have children or plan on having children, the quality of the local school district will be an essential factor in your home buying decision. Even if you don't have children, it is likely that the reputation of the local school district will contribute to the value of your home for future buyers. is a reliable resource to uncover the ratings of schools in the Chicago area.

3. Safety and Crime

Safety is a major priority for almost everyone when considering different locations of neighborhoods throughout the home buying process. It's easy to stay informed with many easily accessible Chicago neighborhood crime resources.

4. Commute and Public Transportation Options

Considering your daily commute is another major factor in choosing the neighborhood that is right for you. Accounting for traffic patterns as well as accessibility to and pricing of public transportation in Chicago are essential aspects in the decision process. A couple questions you may want to ask yourself are:

How far away is nearest bus stop from my potential home?

How much will my weekly commute cost? Whether that means cost of bus tickets or your typical spending on gas based on how far the neighborhood is from the location of your job.

5. Distance from Shopping, Dining, and Recreation

Distance from shopping, dining, and recreation centers are other important factors when choosing a neighborhood. For some people, the convenience of having these items easily accessible is a high priority. Others are willing forgoe this convenience for a lower priced home or because the neighborhood meets other priorities on their list, like a good school district or low crime rate. can give you a rating of how quickly you can walk to places in the Chicago neighborhood you are considering.

Other Considerations

A few other factors to consider when choosing a home in Chicago include:

  • Prices and locations of the local grocery stores
  • Location of the nearest pharmacies
  • Whether or not there are a lot of cultural attractions in the area
  • The accessibility of parks
  • Church locations
  • Gyms and fitness centers

Checking Fairgreen’s Local Listings and Contacting a Realtor

Once you have reflected on your priorities in choosing a neighborhood, check out Fairgreen's local listings in the Chicago area and schedule a tour with your local Chicago realtor. Visiting the home in person can give you a better sense of whether the neighborhood suites your needs. Honesty is key with your realtor— Do a quick gut check and communicate any red flags about the location.